Ryan McRyhew

Composer, Synthesist, Sound Designer


photo by sanjana stein

I am an artist focused on exploring sound through electronics. I’m currently residing in Denver, Colorado. My work represents a summation of varied approaches to electronic music, drawing influence from pioneering electronic experimental composers as well as house/techno creators and Rap producers. My current project Entrancer (formerly “Thug Entrancer”) attempts to reframe elements of techno and house in long-form design placing an emphasis on extended development and technique. “The end result is one in which a subtler horizon is discovered, trumping more palatable musical codes and dissuading us from treating electronic music, or any genre-stamped style matter, with rote attention.”



Kaltblut Magazine

Redbull Music Academy

The Guardian

The Wire


Notable Performances

05/25/2017 - Tyler Gilmore’s Candy Shop Ensemble - Dazzle/Denver

02/02/2016 - CTM Festival 2016 - Berghain/Berlin

01/30/2016 - IFFR – Sound//Vision – WORM - Rotterdam

11/30/2014 - Golden Pudel Club - Hamburg

10/31/2014 - LACMA Halloween Ball - Los Angeles

05/20/2014 - NXNE - Toronto

11/09/2013 - Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival - New York

End of Simulation - Off the Air (technology)

Sound Design, Composition, Mixing

Entrancer - No Borders

Composition, Sound Production

Full Album +

Entrancer - Arcology

Composition, Sound Production

Full Album +

Entrancer - Death After Life

Composition, Sound Production, Mixing

Full Album +

LZX Industries

Composition, Sound Production, Audio Branding

underexposednyc - HEAT.WAV

Composition, Sound Production